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The annual periodical Jernbanehistorie

The first issue of Jernbanehistorie [Railway History] was published in December 2013, and immediately sparked discussions in railway history circles in Denmark. The aim of the periodical is to depict the breadth of railway history and impart interesting new knowledge and research results in an interesting and accessible manner to a wide readership.

Jernbanehistorie is a peer-reviewed periodical edited by a group comprising Peter Fransen, Senior Researcher and Archivist at the Danish State Archives; Mette Thøgersen, Head of Section, Østfyn Museums; and René S. Christensen, Curator; Gitte Lundager, Head of Collections; and Henrik Harnow, Museum Director – all of the Danish Railway Museum.

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We welcome proposals for articles; please send us a few lines before you get started so the editorial staff can determine whether to include your article.

Proposed articles should have a length of one or two normal pages @ 2,400 characters. Please send proposals and suggestions to the editorial staff on