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Collaboration, memberships and representation

The Danish Railway Museum wants to be an active, attractive partner for museums and relevant institutions in Denmark and abroad. We are members of a series of networks and collaborate with Danish museum associations, railway-history circles in Denmark and abroad and, not least, we collaborate closely with Nordic railway museums. The museum also collaborates with the Heritage Agency of Denmark in relevant areas.

The Danish Railway Museum is a member of or participates in the following:

  • The Association of Danish Museums (ODM)
  • ICOM – International Committee of Museums
  • IATM – International Association for Transport Museums
  • De danske museers Håndværks- og Industripulje (Tradesmen and Industrial Fund of Danish Museums)
  • Henrik Harnow is DSB's representative on the committee of representatives for the Danish Museum of Science and Technology (since 2013)
  • Henrik Harnow is a member of the research committee of the Association of Danish Museums (since 2013).