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Summer Activities

June 24 - August 20 2017

Sommer minitog Sommer vandkran



The mini-train

Take a ride on the Museum’s mini-train. On the way, you have the opportunity to experience the Old Little Belt Bridge, a small provincial town on the railway network and a Great Belt ferry – all of which are icons of the Danish railway landscape.
Where: Exit at tracks 3–4

Everyday 10.15–15.45
Cancelled in heavy rain


On the Trail of History

We invite our youngest visitors to let their imaginations run wild in our new outdoor Play and Learn Area. Explore every nook and cranny of the steam engine and experience the whoosh when you slide down from the top of the seven-metre water tower.


Exit at track 7


Everyday 10.00–16.00


The Compartment of Dreams

Poetic special exhibition on Danes going on holiday by rail to distant destinations. Would you like to go on a pre-planned, luxurious Wagons-Lits journey or would you prefer to embark on a spontaneous journey of exploration, free to go where the mood takes you with an Interrail Pass in your pocket?
Where: Tracks 5-6
When: Everyday 10.00–16.00

Sommer dreng i førerhus Lille 2

Brief presentations in Danish

Throughout the day, there will be brief presentations for all the family.


The largest steam engine that was built in Denmark

Listen to the story about the large, impressive steam engine that criss-crossed Denmark for several decades.
Where: At the large wooden engine, exit at track 7
When: 10.30 & 12.45
Duration: About 10 minutes
Language: Danish

Turntable show

See how the large turntable works and listen to an account of the history of the roundhouse. Afterwards, you can hear about the water crane and the coal store at the Museum’s supply plant, and you will have the opportunity to see the large water crane in action.
Where: At the turntable; exit at track 1
When: 11.45 & 14.00
Duration: About 20 minutes
Language: Danish

Denmark gets a national railway network

The story about the Danish railway landscape and its icons.

Hear about stations, bridges and the small provincial towns on the railway network which characterise the Danish railway landscape and Denmark itself. Afterwards, you can take a ride on the mini-train which will bring the story to life.

Where: Exit at tracks 3–4

10.45–11.45, 13.00–14.00 & 14.45–15.45

Cancelled in heavy rain

Duration: About 10 minutes
Language: Danish

The café is open

The Food Stall on the Museum’s balcony is well stocked with delicious food for all the family.

3 July to 6 August 2017 The cafe is open 11.00–15.00
26 June to 2 July and 7–20 August 2017 The cafe is open 11.00-14.00

Subject to change without notice.