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Museum research activities

The academic staff of the Danish Railway Museum ensure that the museum can take part in relevant scientific contexts in Denmark and abroad and can apply for funding to promote and finance the museum's research.

The museum's overarching policy is to have scientific expertise available in relevant academic areas. At present, the museum has one employee with a PhD at senior research level (Henrik Harnow, Museum Director) and one PhD fellow (René S. Christensen, Curator) who is expected to obtain his PhD in 2016. The latter process was established in collaboration with Odense City Museums and the University of Southern Denmark.

The museum's management and executive committee are currently working to formulate a long-term research strategy that focuses on important areas and new initiatives. The main features can be summarised in a few points:

Railways and the cultural landscape, including urban development and settlement environments relating to railways

Railways and people, including focus on significant players, gender roles and travel

Railways and how mentalities have changed throughout history, including the perception of railways, stations and railways in the broad sense as a cultural phenomenon, and as part of this, the role of railways in language, literature, media and art.

The technological history of railways using modern, problem-oriented approaches focused on rolling stock.

Railways from an infrastructural, socio-economic and transport policy perspective.

The research strategy should lay a new basis for working on railway history and for using the museum's specimens to shed light on new issues. The research strategy should also lay the basis for interdisciplinary and intra-institutional collaboration with other relevant institutions in Denmark and abroad. The Danish Railway Museum's new periodical Jernbanehistorie [Railway History] takes a broad approach to the cultural history of railways and reflects the museum's approach to the topic and research in this field.