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Don’t cross the tracks – a train is coming!


At the balcony

Safety! is an exhibition about railway safety measures we don’t notice, but which harness enormous forces. Railway accidents are so rare that we never think about safety when travelling by rail. Since the mid-1800s, rail travel has been one of the safest forms of transportation, and it still is to this day.

The history of Denmark’s railways spans more than 150 years – since 1847 – and safety has always been a priority. Safety has been improved time and again over the years. From initially being dependent on people, railway safety has become increasingly automated – reducing its reliance on the human factor as much as possible. In spite of many precautions, a few tragic accidents still occur, however.

The Safety! exhibition does not present technically complicated material. This is an exhibition for those who travel by rail or who are in contact with railways in everyday life. We give priority to teaching children and young people that railway travel is safe – if you use your head when you travel. You can get a driving licence in railway safety and test your knowledge of how to conduct yourself around trains and railways.

A pamphlet in English relating to the exhibition is available at the ticket counter.