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Play areas

The Museum has two play areas – one indoor and one outdoor. Both play areas are unique and built specifically for the Danish Railway Museum by the Danish play area specialist Monstrum.

Outdoor play area

Our youngest visitors love the outdoor play area where they have lots of opportunities not just for playing but also for learning and being curious about the history of the railway.

The E engine is a huge steam engine built in wood. Children may climb into the fifteen-metre engine which has an instrument panel, firebox, combustion chamber and ashpan. Through play, children get a sense of how a steam engine is put together. Our young visitors can also climb up the eight-metre water tower next to it and experience the whoosh when they slide down.

The object is to make the children hungry for more knowledge while they play. At the same time, the parents get the chance to take a closer look at the Museum. Inside the exhibition, you will find the real huge E 994 steam engine and there is also a functioning supply plant with a water crane.

If you like to bring your own picnic, you are welcome to sit on the boxes that are next to the play area. They are a pretend goods yard.

The play area is free once you have paid the entrance fee.

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Indoor play area

The Children’s Railway Station – a child-sized railway station – appeals particularly to children aged 3–8. They can sell tickets, pretend being the engine driver and travel to far-away places. There are beautiful uniforms and caps, so the children can dress up and let their imaginations soar. The Children’s Railway Station is a sure hit with our youngest visitors.

The Children’s Railway Station is located on the museum balcony. The design is inspired by Odense Railway Station after World War II. The arches from Odense’s old railway building from 1914 are replicated and the same goes for Odense’s central signalling post from 1962. There is also a small MY engine, ticket sales and carriage for the children to play in and around.

The small MY engine is connected to both the control tower and passenger carriages, so the children can communicate and ensure safe departures. The engine is also connected to signals that flash when the train is cleared to leave.

At the Children’s Railway Station and in several other places at the Museum, visitors are welcome to enjoy their own picnics. During the periods when the cafe is open, the seats in the cafe are reserved for visitors purchasing food.

The play area is free once you have paid the entrance fee.